As many of you will already know, by Medium earnings have dropped from a peak of $1,695 in April to under $80 in December. It’s simply no longer worth my while to write here regularly.

Instead, I plan to create a series of websites with the articles. I will then sell them on

I started copying across all my Medium articles that related to side hustles, making money, wealth, etc. My plan was to have my article both on Medium and on my new site.

The new site has gotten off to a good start, and I’ve made $65 a month so far from affiliate sales. I decided to also allow ads on my site but found out that most ad networks won’t accept sites that have duplicate content.

As my content was both on Medium and my site, I wouldn’t have been able to run those ads. The solution was to delete the duplicate articles from Medium.

I’ve spent the last few days uploading all 207 suitable articles to my site. It’s a lot more work than I was expecting it to be. I will write a longer post about it, as others may also want to transfer their Medium stories to their own blog.

What I had to do was download my stories from Medium, set up a free blog, upload the stories to it, export them to a file, and then import them to my blog. That part is fairly straightforward.

Then I needed to go over all 207 articles individually and add categories and tags. I also noticed that the featured image was missing, so had to search for all 207 of them and upload them individually.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also had to edit every post to change the link URLs, delete inappropriate parts of the articles, etc.

I still have around 4 hours of work before it’s complete.

Another blog

I have also started work on a second blog that will contain all my non-side hustle stories from Medium. There are some that I won’t both with, as they don’t make sense outside of Medium.

I’ll be copying across 153 articles. I’ll then need to delete those from Medium. That will leave around 100 stories on Medium. Those will be the worst ones, so I might just delete the whole lot.

I’ll let you know when the new blog is up and running.

Going forward

All of this means that my focus will be on these two blogs instead of Medium. If I write a story that fits on either blog, that’s where it will be published. If it doesn’t fit on either, I’ll likely publish it on Medium.

Those stories are likely to be few and far between though. It depends on how the blogs pan out over the next few months.

I don’t see the point of keeping the articles on Medium because they are mostly dead. My Medium posts get views for a few days and then become a total waste. At least they have the hope of getting traffic longer term on their own blog.

So, if you’re wondering where all my articles disappeared, now you know.