After wearing reading glasses, my eyesight ALWAYS gets worse. There are no exceptions at all. When I looked for information about this online, every website that I came across claimed it was impossible.

But guess what? All the top results are from opticians. And guess what that means?

They have a vested interest in making money from you by pretending it’s not true.


I don’t care what any optician says. It is clear as night and day.

If I even wear my glasses for a few minutes, as soon as I take them off, everything becomes more blurry.

If I make an effort to not wear my reading glasses for a few days, my eyesight improves.

If I wear my glasses for a few hours, my eyesight will be worse for the rest of the day.

There is no way that anyone can deny these facts.

Just think about this. Most people that need reading glasses need to get a stronger lens every few years. Opticians claim this is nothing to do with the glasses, but to do with the fact that your eyesight is getting worse.


Of course it’s getting worse. Wearing reading glasses for a few years is bound to make them worse. This is what happens to me.

I just took off my reading glasses to look at the text I’m currently writing. It is pretty blurry. If I haven’t worn my reading glasses all day, the text is much less blurry. It’s a very simple fact.

I have my eyes checked regularly and there is never any medical problem. My eyesight has gotten worse over the years because of using my laptop.

But wearing reading glasses make them much worse, very quickly.

Have any of you noticed a similar phenomenon?

I can’t be the only one that has noticed this.

I am thinking of going for an eye test after wearing my reading glasses for a few days. I will then not wear them for a few days and get them re-tested. I wonder how the optician will be able to explain that my eyesight improved in just a few days. The only plausible reason is not wearing glasses.

I have tested the above myself with an eye chart.

Reading glasses are bad for my eyes. I am planning to start some eye exercises that will improve my vision naturally.

I’ll let you know how it goes.