Whenever you use one, you’re paying homage to white colonists, apparently

According to a video I saw on Twitter today, toilets are a symbol of white supremacy.

A woman, who introduces herself as Luna, says she’s an activist teacher and just finished reading a book about racism. She doesn’t mention the name of the book, so I can’t share which one it was.

She goes on to ask if we know that using an indoor toilet with plumbing is actually from white supremacy and colonialism. Nope, I didn’t know that. My grandparents didn’t know that either, as they had an outside toilet.

Luna claims that when the white colonists saw indigenous people digging holes outside to go to the toilet, they said that they were like animals. So, the white colonists decided to have indoor plumbing and indoor toilets.

There is no mention of how the white colonists were going to the toilet before that. If toilets already existed, surely the white colonists would already be using them. If they didn’t exist, how did they suddenly think they needed something that didn’t exist?

And did they get a little upset that they had to wait a few hundred years for the toilet to be invented?

Luna finishes by saying that whenever you’re using a toilet, you’re paying homage to white supremacy and white colonists. I must remember that the next time I’m having a dump. Maybe I’ll kneel down and say a little thank you for providing me with such comforts as a toilet.

Just like many people say grace before dinner, maybe we need to say grace before going for a dump.

Or maybe I’ll just have to start digging holes in the garden so that I’m not paying homage to those nasty people. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

I learned something new day though — there’s more crap (pun intended) on Twitter than what comes out of my butt.

Here’s the video on Twitter.

For those that missed it, this post is humor and the video is satire.