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How I Build Websites for $10 and Sell Them for $395+

It’s a nice side hustle that’s easy to start One of my current side hustles is building websites to flip for a few hundred dollars each.  I recently sold one for $395 and another for $450. I aim to build and… Continue Reading →

Another Website Sold and Another 5 to Go

I wrote recently about how I deleted over 500 articles from Medium and moved them to their own dedicated blogs. I also discovered another 200 niche articles that I still have from a few years ago. These 700 articles can… Continue Reading →

It’s Easy to Make Extra Money by Doing a Few Simple Things

Most people these days complain that they don’t have enough money. I even include myself in this. I have enough but I could always do with more. The problem is that most people leave it at that. They complain and… Continue Reading →

My travel blog earned $17.13 from ads last month

As you may already know, my wife and I are spending 6 months traveling around Europe. So far, we’ve spent time in Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Croatia. Next up is Slovenia, probably followed by Germany, Poland, and Czech… Continue Reading →

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