I’ve been reading quite a few stories on Medium from writers that claim to be experienced. Some have even written books. The vibe I get is that they don’t want new writers publishing here.

Note that I said SOME experience writers. They are a very small minority. I want to point out that the vast majority of experienced writers on here are very helpful towards new writers. When I say “some”, a few people seem to interpret it as “all”.

More than this, some think new writers should publish less often.

Of course, they have the right to think that if they want to. They should be allowed to voice their opinions, but they expect others to stay silent.

But what’s the real problem?

I read a few posts and it seems that some of these experienced writers aren’t getting much traction here. Is that the problem? Maybe. I have a feeling it’s just a case of pure jealousy. I’ve seen this a few times on this platform.

Writers that may have had success elsewhere that just can’t make it work here. They then resort to calling themselves “real writers“, whatever that means. They also feel the need to be mean to new writers.

Isn’t it the case though that new writers can only improve with practice? The more they write and publish, the better they’ll get.

These writers with many years of writing experience also forget that this platform is open to anyone. Maybe they’re bummed that they don’t have special privileges over the less experienced writers here. Maybe they don’t realize that the world of writing has changed drastically in recent years.

They’re no longer top dog.

And that hurts them.

These kinds of writers seem to hate that the internet and platforms like this have leveled the playing field. They now have to compete with new writers, and the simple fact is that many can’t. This appears to make them angry.

I have written in the past about entitled writers, but I’m seeing more writers complained, so I felt compelled to write about it again.

I want to say to all new writers out there that you should continue to write and published often. It’s the best way to learn. Ignore those that think that your writing is not up to their standard.

Even if that’s true, who cares?

There is nothing wrong if your writing sucks to begin with. We’ve all been there. It’s where we start, not where we end.

Medium wants you all here. They own the platform. What anyone else thinks is irrelevant. It’s their problem, not yours.

And to those experienced writers, all I can say is game on. Let the best man or woman win. Don’t be so frightened of the new kids on the block. If you have experience on your side, then use it. And share it. Don’t go around dissing newer writers. Their journey is not the same as yours. We all follow different paths in life. It’s not for you to decide who gets to write here. And don’t live in the past. What worked for you in the past won’t work today. This is 2022. Embrace change.

I know this has been a bit of a negative post, but hopefully it will encourage newer writers that have to read the garbage from more experienced writers.

Keep writing. Keep publishing. Keep learning. Good luck on your writing journey.