As you may already know, my wife and I are spending 6 months traveling around Europe. So far, we’ve spent time in Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Croatia. Next up is Slovenia, probably followed by Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic. After that, we’ll head to Turkey and then Thailand.

As I earned $60,000 from my last travel blog, I decided to create a new one and see if I can replicate that success. See

I started my blog in February 2023

I started the blog at the end of February, so I missed the beginning of our travels. I was in two minds about whether to start one or not but eventually decided to give it a go.

I applied for AdSense at the beginning of April and got accepted quickly. May 6 was the first day that the blog earned money from those ads. By the end of May, it had earned £13.79 ($17.14 at today’s exchange rate).

As the earnings only cover 26 days, I could expect to earn around $20 for a full month.

AdSense Earnings for May 2023
AdSense Earnings for May 2023

The site has 59 articles and covers 12 places in 3 countries. 

I know some people will laugh about me only earning $17 from 59 articles, but that’s ok. People laughed when I made $20 from my first ecommerce sale. They weren’t laughing 3 years later when I’d made over $500,000. So, laugh if you want to.

Past success doesn’t guarantee future success though. You may be right to laugh. You win some, you lose some. I don’t get emotionally attached to any of my businesses or side hustles. If they don’t work, I shut them down and move on to the next one.

I love experimenting and trying new things. It’s more fun than most people imagine. 

Potential Earnings

Anyway, back to my travel blog. As I write more articles I should get more traffic and more earnings. If I can end our travels around Europe with double the articles I have now, I should (in theory) earn twice as much from ads. That would mean earning $40 a month.


I recently submitted my site to Ezoic and it’s been accepted, so I will switch to showing Ezoic ads instead of Google AdSense on my site. Many sites double their earnings when running Ezoic ads, so that could mean earning $80 per month.

Still not a lot, but this is how content sites start.

Over time, the articles that are already published should start ranking higher in Google Search, meaning more traffic and more ad revenue. Adding posts about travel in Asia should also increase both traffic and ad revenue.

That’s my plan. It sounds easier than it is though.

The worst that can happen is that I have a blog that documents our travel adventures. 

I’ll write an update sometime in the next few months if there’s something worthwhile to update you on.