I’ve been writing on Medium for 19 months so I decided to go over my stats and see if there’s anything I can learn from them.

The good news is that I’ve earned a total of $7,744.24 in the last 18 months. I published my first story on 30 October 2021.

That means I’ve earned an average of $407.59 per month. I’m quite happy with that.

I wish the earnings were consistent though. I could happily write every day if I knew my earnings would be around the $300-$500 mark. Unfortunately, they are very unstable.

2021 Earnings

In 2021, I earned $561.16 for November and December. That’s an average of $380.58 a month.

I thought that was an excellent start.

2022 Earnings

In 2022, I earned $6,700.10. That’s an average of $558.34 a month. My best month was in April when I earned $1,695.06. My worst month was in December when I earned $155.98.

I wish all months were like April 2022.

Overall, 2022 was a good year.

2023 Earnings

For the first 5 months of this year, I’ve earned $482.98. That’s an average of $96.60. That doesn’t sound too bad, but the reality is that my earnings are still deteriorating. My best month this year was February when I earned $182.83. I though maybe the good old days were coming back. I was wrong. My worst month was May when I earned just $35.25.

Can my earnings get any worse? Yes they can. They are already worse.

During the first 5 days of June, my stories have earned $1.84. If June continues like that, they’d earn $11.04. My referred member earnings are showing as $18.61. If they stayed at that amount, I would probably earn $28.65 in June. That would be my worst month ever.

My Options

I have two options. As I currently write for this blog most days, I can just copy those articles to Medium. Publishing every day may eventually increase my earnings.

The other option is to start afresh with a brand new Medium account.

I’ll go with the first option for June and see how it goes. I might go with option 2 in July. Let’s wait and see.