I am still stunned that this woman got away with murdering her husband. The police showed no interest in investigating the case. The man was murdered. The woman is still free to enjoy her life.

I met the man, John, when I was in my teens. He was athletic and healthy. If you’d seen him, you’d have assumed he’d live a long and healthy life. But that was not to be. He was cut down in the prime of his life. Murdered.

In his early 20s, he met the woman that was to become his wife, Sonia. To be honest, I didn’t think she was the right partner for him. But that is irrelevant because it was the woman he chose to spend the rest of his life with. What a mistake that turned out to be. One that was to end his life prematurely.

Sonia loved to bake cakes. As John had a very well-paid job, it was decided that Sonia didn’t need to work. She was more than happy to be a housewife. That meant she had plenty of time on her hands for baking.

Within a couple of years, John was no longer the athletic person he used to be. Those cakes and cookies helped to pack on the pounds. It was not a good look. Many friends pointed this out but to no avail.

He loved his wife. If she baked cakes, he’d eat them.

What I and other friends noticed though, was that Sonia kept her slim figure. While she was constantly baking, she rarely ate any of the cakes herself. She seemed to only bake for her husband. This struck me as very odd.

Over the next couple of decades, John and Sonia built a pretty comfortable life for themselves. Or rather, John built their life while Sonia baked cakes. They had one of the best houses in the neighborhood and probably the best cars as well. One for John and one for Sonia. They also took regular trips abroad. Most people would think they had the ideal life.

Most people would be wrong if they thought that.

Sonia stayed slim. John continued to pile on the pounds. Sonia continued to bake cakes. John continued to eat them.

One day, John suffered a massive heart attack. He died shortly afterward. Sonia inherited everything. How convenient.

This may sound like an everyday story of someone dying of a heart attack. But John didn’t die. He was murdered.

Sonia murdered John slowly by baking him cakes every day. It was the perfect murder. No one (except me) suspected a thing.

Everyone at the funeral praised Sonia for being such a wonderful wife and taking care of John so well during their life together. Is everyone blind?

I am the only one that knows the truth.

Sonia, the wonderful, dutiful wife murdered John. She may as well have stabbed him through the heart with a steak knife. The effect was the same.

Sonia is alive, free, and happy. She even has a new boyfriend. She still enjoys baking. Her new boyfriend loves to eat her cakes. Little does he know.

John is 6 feet underground rotting away.

Be careful what your partner feeds you. They might be trying to kill you. They might be planning the perfect murder. One that no one will suspect them of. Even if they’re not, they may be killing you unintentionally.

There are likely millions of these murders being conducted around the world right now. No one will go to prison. No one will even be investigated.

Check your plate carefully when you sit down to dinner tonight.

People really do get away with murder.