I love cats. They are by far my favorite animals. We always had cats at home when I was a child, so maybe that’s where my love for them came from. Whenever I see a stray cat I just have to feed it. I can’t bear to see them go hungry.

When my wife and I are settled in one place for a few months we end up getting to know the local strays quite well. We even have names for them

The main image is a cat that we named Brownie — my wife was eating a brownie at the time. We fed her for a few months at a local café. She was pregnant when we first saw her, but then one day she no longer was. We didn’t have any idea where the kittens were though.

The images above and below are from the first day we saw the kittens. They were very near the café. The owner spotted them and told us where they were.

Brownie and her kittens — Photo by the author

Another stray cat that we found was lurking near my wife’s parents’ house. We fed her for a few days, and then she decided to stay. She was pregnant at the time and also had a kitten with her.

We named her Heng Heng, which means lucky lucky. It’s a popular saying in Thailand.

She’s a smart cat. She’s even found a few snakes in her time. Here’s a small one she found.

Heng Heng discovers a snake — Photo by the author

And here is Heng Heng with her six kids.

Heng Heng with her 6 offspring — Photo by the author

The ginger and white cat on left died after being bitten by a snake.

When we stayed ins Split in Croatia for a few months, we fed lots of cats. The one we liked the most lived near a favorite restaurant of ours. I don’t think she was a stray but she always seemed to be hungry.

Croatia cat — Photo by the author

If I showed you photos of all the cats we’ve fed over the last few years I’d probably have to add over 100 photos. When I look over the photos, I remember all of them.

Ginger — Photo by the author

Ginger was a kitten when we first started feeding her. She was a crazy cat. When we used to sit outside a café she used to run at full speed up a tree trunk, turn around, and then run full speed towards us and jump on us. The passers-by sometimes looked alarmed. It looked like the cat was attacking us. But she was just having fun. You could always find her resting in a large plant pot.

We went traveling for a few months after that. When we got back, we headed to see Ginger. Unfortunately, the locals told us that she’d been run over by a car. Sadly, that is the case for lots of stray cats.

I am tempted to write an epic 100-minute story of 100 cats. But I’m sure your attention spans don’t stretch that far.

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