I started a side hustle blog a couple of months ago. I had high hopes for it, as I thought it would complement my side hustle articles here. It was a dismal failure. I deleted it yesterday.

Why am I telling you about a project that failed? To show you that not everything you try will work out. You’ll have some successes and some failures.

You need to dump the losers quickly and double down on the successes.

I should probably have dumped this particular project a few weeks ago.

I used to find ending projects quite difficult, but have learned to treat them without any emotion. If they work, I keep them. If they don’t work, I dump them. Simple.

It also reminded me of how great this platform is. My articles get around 15,000 views a month here. My blog got under 50 views in the last month.

Many complain about Medium, but I don’t think they realize how tough it is if you try to start your own blog.

If you want to earn money as a writer you need to write where the money is. At the moment, that’s here.

I have already started another project. I’m writing an ecommerce course in pdf format that I plan to sell on Gumroad. I’m about halfway through it. Hopefully, it will make steady sales once it’s released.

If it works out, I have another two courses planned.

I’ll keep writing here though.

And I’ll keep trying new side hustles.

I love to experiment.