Since I earned $1,695 writing for Medium for the month of April last year, my earnings have been all downhill.

April 2023 only got me $48.36. 

So, what about last month, May 2023?

Well, it was even worse.

I moved all my Medium stories to different blogs I created and deleted them from Medium. That’s over 500 articles gone. All I have left is the stories I wrote last month. That’s just 6 stories.

How much did those 6 stories earn?

Drumroll, please. They earned $7.81. That’s an average of $1.30 per story. 

Why do I continue writing if the stories earn so little? I first publish these stories on this blog.. It’s not much effort to copy and paste the stories to Medium. Whatever I earn there is just free money. And there’s always a possibility that some articles will earn a decent amount. My top story ever earned over $500 and a couple of months back I had one that earned over $100. It’s always possible that one of my stories could earn a higher amount.

Here are the 6 stories and how much they earned during May.

Medium Earnings for May 2023
Medium Earnings for May 2023

Overall, I earned $26.42 in May. As well as the $7.45 mentioned above, I also earned $18.61 from referrals. 


Medium Views for May 2023
Medium Views for May 2023

My views were truly abysmal. My best month ever was close to 60,000 views. Medium has really gone downhill over the last year since the new CEO took over.

Followers, Subscribers, and Referrals

Medium Audience for May 2023
Medium Audience for May 2023

Rather surprisingly, my follower count increased by 132 to 5,561. This is a pointless metric though. What’s the point of over 5,000 followers if your stories only get viewed 20 times? No point at all. Not even the 132 new followers bothered reading my stories. I would likely do just as well with zero followers.

I aim to prove this soon by setting up a new account from scratch. I have a feeling that my current account is restricted for some reason but have no way of proving that. If a new account does much better than this one, I’ll assume that this one is restricted or blacklisted in some way.

My email subscribers were unchanged at 131. The most I’ve ever had is 136. I also think this is also a bogus number. Most aren’t reading my stories.

My referrals dropped 2 to 9. That’s way down from the peak of 16. I’m no longer including referral links on my posts though.

The Future

I’ll set up a new Medium account and write in a different niche. Let’s see how that goes. 

In the next few days, I’ll have two updates to share with you. One will be about how much my travel blog earned during its first month earning from Google AdSense.

The other one will be an update on my 8 blogs that I will create mostly from repurposed articles. 

Stay tuned.