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Brexiteers Vote to Ruin Their Own Lives

arma is a bitch. Never has that saying been so true as when it’s applied to Brexiteers voting to harm themselves. Whether you agree with Brexit or not, why would you vote for something that harms you personally? I don’t… Continue Reading →

Toilets Are a Symbol of White Supremacy

Whenever you use one, you’re paying homage to white colonists, apparently According to a video I saw on Twitter today, toilets are a symbol of white supremacy. A woman, who introduces herself as Luna, says she’s an activist teacher and… Continue Reading →

I Was a Witness to a Murder

I am still stunned that this woman got away with murdering her husband. The police showed no interest in investigating the case. The man was murdered. The woman is still free to enjoy her life. I met the man, John, when… Continue Reading →

I Only Have Weeks Left to Live — Time to Make Plans

I went for my bi-annual check-up last week. I was in for the shock of my life when I went back for the test results. My doctor looked a little more somber than usual. Maybe he didn’t sleep well. He had… Continue Reading →

3 Signs That the World Has Gone Totally Bonkers

Some of the things that go on in the world these days seem bizarre and baffling to me. Maybe I’m getting old and need to move with the times. Here are just 3 examples of why I think the world… Continue Reading →

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