I wrote recently about how I deleted over 500 articles from Medium and moved them to their own dedicated blogs. I also discovered another 200 niche articles that I still have from a few years ago.

These 700 articles can be used to create 6 niche blogs. I also have a 7th blog that I’ve built from scratch.

As these articles were no longer earning me any money, it was a no-brainer to move them and monetize them.

Blog #1 – Sold for $395 ($297 after fees)

I already wrote about how I sold my blog of Medium stories for $395. The site had 102 articles on it. It was nice to get it sold as it proved that my idea of building blogs from existing articles can work.

Blog #2 – Sold for $450 ($326 after fees)

I just sold my second blog for $450. It was less than I was hoping for but it was a quick sale. I’m happy with that. This one had over 200 articles. I think I should have split this into two blogs of 100 articles each. I might have made twice as much. Lesson learned.

Total income so far – $875 ($623 after fees).

Blog #3 – KitchenCountertopTips.com (Selling price will be $495)

This one was built using my non-Medium articles. It has 50 articles and many have already been indexed by Google.

To check what pages of a site have been indexed, you can enter the following into Google Search:


So, in this case, I’d search for site:kitchencountertoptips.com. Here are the results.

As you can see above, it shows that 42 pages have been indexed so far.

See KitchenCountertopTips.com.

Blog #4 – ArticleVault.net (Selling price will be $495)

Site #4 is the one you’re reading right now. This is article number 59. I will list it for sale soon. Anyone reading this post can buy it for $395 as I’d save on listing fees. Transaction would be completed via escrow.com. The articles from number 51 onwards are also on Medium. I’ll remove them from there once this site is sold.

Blog #5 – DIY niche (Not started yet)

This will be similar to site #3 mentioned above and will have around 70 articles. I likely won’t start this one until site #3 is sold.

Blog #6 – Health niche (Not started yet)

This one will have around 50–60 articles and will be started next month.

Blog #7 – Health niche (Not started yet)

This one will also have 50–60 articles. However, I’m tempted to maybe make one larger site of 100–120 articles instead of splitting them into two.

Blog #8 – 2GoTraveling.com 

I may keep this long term, as the pages are getting indexed and ranked quickly. That likely means it should do well if I keep traveling and writing. My last travel blog made me $60,000. I would love to replicate that, but I’d be happy to reach half that amount.

The site earned $17 from AdSense in May. That’s a good start because it only covers 6-31 May, so not quite a full month.

I’ve applied to join the Ezoic ad network, so my earning could easily double if I’m accepted.

I’m traveling around Europe with my wife at the moment and the high season is just started. Hopefully, that will mean more traffic and more earnings.

In July we’ll be going to Thailand, so I’ll start writing about that once we leave Europe. That will give those articles time to rank before the high season arrives there later in the year.

If everything goes to plan, I should earn around $3,000 from the 7 blogs using repurposed articles. It’s not much, but better than earning $0 on Medium.

That will leave me with just the travel blog — 2gotraveling.com.

I’ve also started researching an affiliate blog idea that could be big. I will launch that in a month or so. First, I need to win an auction for the perfect domain name that I want. Update: The auction price got far too high so I’ll have to chose a different domain name.

I’ve made money flipping websites in the past, but a lot has changed since then. Building these sites is a great learning experience for me. If all goes well, I may be tempted to build a new site every month.

Why don’t I keep the sites and earn ad revenue from them?

While that is tempting, it’s too much work to be running so many blogs. If any start earning very good money quickly though, I might keep it.