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We all have plans to do certain things in life, like eat better, take more exercise, etc., but life often gets in the way. 

How many times have you planned to go to the gym but put it off because you just didn’t have enough time? I know that I’ve done it more times than I like to admit. 

Chris Eubank 1-Minute Rule

I was listening to an interview with the boxer Chris Eubank a few years ago and something he said made me realize that it was better to do something than to do nothing.

So if I plan to spend an hour in the gym but can’t make it for some reason I just do something like 100 press-ups at home. It may not be a lot, but it’s better than giving up completely. 

In the interview, someone asked Chris how he motivated himself to train every day. His answer was that he had a deal with himself to train for a minimum of one minute a day. That way he’d never have the excuse of not having enough time or energy for a long workout. 

Of course, once he’s done his one minute of training he will then stay for longer. It’s usually getting to the gym that’s harder than the actual workout. So go for one minute and you’ll likely stay for an hour. If you really only have one minute to spare, then at least you did a one-minute workout, which is better than nothing.

This can also apply to other areas of life. If you’re a writer, writing 100 words is better than not writing at all. Cleaning a room in your house is better than not cleaning any of it. I’m sure you get the idea. This particular tip has helped me greatly over the last few years.