A 50-part series that will be compiled into an eBook.

This means you’ll always look for the positive instead of the negative in everyone you know and everyone you meet. You’ll always be able to find both if you try, but look for the positive and you’ll feel good about people and good about yourself.

Thinking negative thoughts gives you a negative mindset and drains your energy. It also increases stress and anxiety levels. You should avoid these negative thought patterns as much as possible if you want to live a great life.

You’ll also find that seeing the positive in people means that those people will treat you better, which will also increase your happiness.

Take a relationship, for example. Suppose your other half has an equal amount of good and bad habits, but you focus on the bad ones. How to you think your relationship will develop if every day you complain about the bad habits?

Also think how you’d feel if your bad habits were pointed out every day.

Now think the opposite. How do you think your relationship would develop if you always looked for the positive and pointed out those aspects? And how would you feel if others just focused on your good points?

It seems pretty obvious that you will have much better relationships with everyone if you focus on the positives that you see.